The Largest Crane Rental Company

Cranes For All Branches Of Industry

We are the largest crane rental company. We have from the smallest to the largest cranes that can lift different weights of loads, as well as they can lift loads to different heights. You can see what we have to offer at Crane Services.

Our crane rental company provides crane services for all branches of industry. Due to the quality of our cranes and impeccable maintenance, we are approached by all entrepreneurs who need cranes. Mobile cranes with our company’s mark can be seen everywhere. We rent them if they are needed for mining, petrochemical, construction.

We have cranes for all types of terrain, so they can be found on large plains, on inaccessible hilly and mountainous terrains, on sandy shores and even on snowy surfaces.

Crane Services

Each crane has both regular and extraordinary inspections, so we guarantee safe work with them. Our repairmen perform preventive maintenance, so that any malfunction does not occur. When you rent a crane from us, you won’t have to stop work because of their unreliability.

For every crane you rent, you can rent two crane operators, so if you need it, the crane can work 24 hours a day. All operators who are employed have completed training with certificates and licenses for crane work.

Our expert team will recommend the best crane that suits your type of work and the terrain on which you perform that work. They will also provide you with feasibility studies as well as elevator engineering services. Of course, we also provide transport and furnishing services.

When you need a crane for any type of job, Crane Services is just a click away. You contact us and say what job you need a crane for. Everything else is done by our company.